Mary Magdalene’s Holy Message

What is Mary Magdalenes message?  What is she really inviting us to do?  Women all over the globe are awakening in the name of the Divine Feminine and Magdalena is all over it.   She has come to ALL of us with messages and wisdom and an invitation to RISE in LOVE.  She is the Modern day – Embodied Real life Goddess that is showing us, YES!  You too can do what I have done and more.

When we look over her life and ministries and the way she fiercely lived in service. We see a Woman on Fire devoted to bringing forward a New way.  We all may have different interpretations of this, but clearly it is -Return home to the Soul Self – live in Truth and love one another!  This morning in meditation I had some insights and I wanted to just lay them here for exploration.  What if Mary Magdalenes message was “Rise up and get out there and live in truth! ”  Speak up about injustice and Help Your Brothers and Sisters and Care for Your Earth Mother!

What if we are not seeing the whole truth in her message because it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable for us all.  Because let’s speak it straight, this path and rise of  consciousness  (ascending and descending) isn’t easy!  We are facing all the demons, sexual manipulation and repression – seemingly endless trauma.  We are all being brought to our knees in one way or another to resurrect and live liberated.  When we liberate, we then assist others on the path of liberation.  For those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

The cracks in the pavement are everywhere and our foundation is collapsing.  Surely a Women of her Power and Mastery wasn’t simply talking about clearing her name as a prostitute or about her marriage to Yeshua and her family or even her mythical powers.  Yes, she embodies Unity and all things Womb Mysteries.  She is God in female form and this has huge implications on our modern world and healing the wasteland!  She is our greatest teacher for these times with a deeper message.   She is the Black Kali, The Black Madonna Embodied!  She invites us to look deeper still!  Next layer, keep going, Through the womb and the tomb and back to Earth- deeper still and face the illusion – she asks –

Is Earth your home?

What if she is saying speak the truth and it will set us all free.   Face the unbearable tragedies of your ancestry- RACISM- WHTE SUPREMACY – SEXISM and heal it with loving awareness.  Then grieve from what has been lost and return to joy!   We all sit around talking about Conspiracy Theories and still not fully realizing that the biggest one is based on false systems of Race and oppression and that those of us with lighter skin live mostly unaware of what is happening.  We are seemingly less affected by it.  But that is the biggest lie of all!  It is killing us!  It is all of us with lighter skin that they have sought to control  because if we knew what they were doing, they couldn’t do it anymore.

Because our government and military and The New World order are White puppets.   They are not aware of the pain they carry and so they are food for anti-life agendas that feed on fear and separation.  Our ancestors gave up their culture for survival.   Many were forced to assimilate others happily signed on.   They Divided and conquered our indigenous European people and did the same to our human family of color.

What if Mary Magdalene is saying, are you going to wake up from this Maya?  Your body has been colonized and your lands too!  You aren’t free yet!  Your land is on fire, folks are homeless, people have no clean water to drink!  Families are not yet reunited.  You are all living in trauma and bound still by oppressive systems in invisible cages.

So I reflect, what is this Visionary Teacher and Mothers true message to the world.   What would Magdalene/Kali do if she were embodied here on earth?  Let us ponder this question and ask for her guidance.

Together with love and Divine support we can open a new doorway and look at our blindspots – Be willing to see the puppet show – wake up to all the ways we benefit from injustice at the surface and ache deep from the soul.  We must all know that this outer world doesn’t match our greater truth.  What if we became WOKE together and remembered we belong to the land and not the other way around.  What if we remembered we were all indigenous? And healed our deep trauma around what has been lost to our families and our culture – white washed and disconnected from our bodies and one another.

What if we all decided to uncover our eyes and face the atrocities on our planet?  Then with our grief stricken hearts and broken beliefs around our country, government and the lies we live everyday brought us all in solidarity.  What if White women and men saw the truth and stopped living the lies that keep these systems functioning – holograms and matrixes of RACE.  Every person on this planet has been colonized but in denial.

What if we came together and built new systems.  What if brown and peach people joined hearts and hands to develop new infrastructures and rebirth our ecosystem?  What if this shift in consciousness stopped the fires in California and eased the quaking of our lands?  What if?

What is Mary Magdalene had a deeper message?  What if the white people everywhere used their privilege to make a difference?  What if White people chose to turn inward and heal from their own wounding around colonization?  Would we then be on common ground?  Would we return to our humanity and nurture and care for our Earth?

Ps.  I love European folks, I am one!  I want us to heal!  I love our family of color.  I want them to heal/ . I want us together again in community, WHOLE.

Hmmmm  Just a heart venting:)  d5ksic-aacfa9d8-fa76-4a39-ad52-b461ca0dd167

STEAM THE QUEEN -Vaginal Steaming


I am a big fan of Yoni steaming.  I LOVE it!  For me it is a deep cleaning and it nourishes my whole body and spirit.  I am not an Herbalist, meaning I am not someone who has studied the Science of Herbs.  I do however use them and commune with their Spirits.  In the future I will definitely engage in formal training.  🙂

Yesterday I was talking to a sister who called for some advise around soothing her vagina after a vaginal steam.  She was in some discomfort and when I asked what herbs she used, she mentioned it was an infusion of many different herbs.  When she told me some of the names I immediately felt her body chemistry to be incongruent with one of the herbs.  This got me thinking.

Would it be wise for women to start off with one herb at a time?  This way women can gage if the herbs are a good match for her body chemistry.  She will also be able to tune in to the spirit of the plant and see if this particular herb will serve as an Ali in her healing journey.  It’s not a one size fits all situation.  Herbs are strong medicine.  The blend is fine for some but may have an adverse affect on another.  When I go to the Korean spa and do a traditional hip bath (yoni steam) they generally use Mugwort.  This is actually one of my favorite medicines.  I journeyed for 4 months with this herb during my healing process.  My ancestors used this herb regularly in old Europe.

When we introduce solid foods or cereals to a baby we proceed gently.  Usually one cereal or fruit at a time to see how the body reacts.  This may be a wise idea while introducing the Yoni to herbs.  I generally invite women to feel into a list of herbs and see what their body is asking for.  Now I am going to introduce one herb at a time and use it for 2 weeks before adding on another.   This way she may receive more information around what medicine spirit she truly needs.

With the Rising of the Divine Feminine there is a big calling to return to indigenous earth based practices.  Yoni steaming is a hot topic at the moment as women reconnect with their womb space, they are exploring ways to connect and heal themselves.  It would be wise to remember that our bodies are sensitive and to proceed gently with our most precious parts.  You also may want to seek out a qualified herbalist to get some more back ground or gather research.

*Also women, please do not EVER steam with a plastic bowl.  Stainless steal is the way to go!

Thanks for reading me!



Triggers & Sisterhood

As we move along our paths – some days like children and other days like ripe golden women, we come to know that any given moment consists a thread.  The threads are like stories, in our bodies all linked to tendons, neurons and a full complex messaging system.  Some days we sail on gentile waters and others it is as though we move through the eye of the storm in turbulence.  Oh the joy of being human!   All of the feelings arise (Triggers) and they send signals through our bodies that make us want to hide, run, go into trauma or implode with so much feeling.  For me I stay put- sometimes in trauma and literally fire off and I feel like I am going to give birth.  My sensitivity is out of this world uncomfortable.  This is my path today and I am learning through it!

I am triggered all the time and no matter how much so called “work” I do, its still there. On some days with more loving kindness and other days cruelty.  This is the journey in this moment.  When the triggers come and start to fire there are systematic wind chimes that fizzle through this volcanic body, almost like a siren sounding and sending me into a field of tenderness where rivers of perpetual beliefs spin me into a stratosphere.  I spin with it some days and others I manage it but really it manages me.  Then I temper, it quiets and it starts again until somehow it doesn’t anymore.  This is an inner world and what has changed through my so called “work” is the way I meet the world with it.

Anyway, we are human and its important to let others in.  Otherwise shame eats at us.  So today I faced a trigger and I told my sister about it.  I was honest and we both know it has nothing to do with her.  She gets it!  So in my sharing, I de-armored and aloud my emotions to be witnessed by someone I trust. This is the “work” I think.  Maybe we can’t fix everything,  but we can be real about what is going on in our relationships with our selves.  It de-stigmatizes it and everyone becomes more human.

As a result we feel more safe within because we are sharing our selves (its not dark) its a program one that we are all navigating in some form.  In this polarized world we make everything out to be a villain and that is why the body contests all of these emotions.   Not because the emotions are bad, but we have placed our shitty judgements on them.

In short, being a conscious human requires us to learn how to navigate the world.  We are the ONLY judge and so the journey is kindness.  Can I just be kind to myself?  Can I just be kind to others?  In this gentle brush stroke we develop self compassion and we become less adaptive to the behaviors of the world.  We develop a sense of calmness and fortitude and we grow out of the conditioning and become more nurtured.

We need to talk about things that are happening inside and share them with those we love.  I know there is medicine in telling truth.  We are all psychic and feel it anyway.  So why not share our hearts if we feel we are ready too.

I have wonderful women in my life!  Sisters that are gentile and loving, gifted and wonderful!   I know I am also one of these women,  and together we are walking one another home.





Today is a celebration, I have my uterus ! 4 Years ago- October 4th, 2015 I had a womb surgery to remove many fibroids from my Holy Womb. I went under anesthesia not knowing if I was going to wake up with my uterus. It was a horrendous death and Rebirth, a spiritual embodiment process that awakened the life out of me. And it further solidified my commitment to serve the Holy Womb of our Planet and the women who create life through this temple space.

With all of my sacred parts in my body and I give thanks to Great Mother! I just called and left a message for my surgeon, to thank him. If I had gone with the first physician I would have been gutted. This patriarchal system that takes life is being reborn! Today I also move inward for deeper forgiveness towards this system and in doing so I unchain myself and lean more towards life.

Many issues regarding womb IF NOT ALL are passed down through the lineage – womb by womb. My Mother had to have a hysterectomy and she thinks my grandmother had fibroids too.



Today I commit to the further release of all lineage karma, residual grief, rage, violence. Any energies throughout time that have sought resolve through my body, I offer them all healing, compassion and a doorway of renewed life! Today I lay it all down again as an offering to the earth, may my sorrow turn to butterflies and life dance through my body. My body is a living celebration of ancestors!

For the powerful Women who no longer have your physical womb…you are equally as magical, whole and amazing. Our energetic womb is always present birthing new life forms. We each have our own unique paths. I bow To All women and all circumstances are different. I pray that we find more places to honor and grieve the death, and celebrate each new phase of life.


Breaking with Tradition – By: Jacqueline Rolandelli

An invitation of self reflection.


tra·​di·​tion | \ trə-ˈdi-shən  \

Definition of tradition

1aan inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior (such as a religious practice or a social custom)
ba belief or story or a body of beliefs or stories relating to the past that are commonly accepted as historical though not verifiable
2the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction
3cultural continuity in social attitudes, customs, and institutions

4characteristic manner, method, or stylein the best liberal tradition

This article longs to be written as an inquiry into our own perspectives around tradition and how it is the story behind the story, of our day to day lives.   Tradition is a beautiful melody that is woven through time, through memories, blood and bone.  It is almost like a guiding post from our  lineage, to remember who you are and what you long to be.   It can be the kiss of remembering,  your strength and courage as well as the perseverance of a people.  These people that live within you, which grant you the gift of perseverance which you then bring forward in your modern day life.
You may feel you have faced enormous challenges in your life and so you learned to persevere.  I will invite the idea that the gift is what asked to be recognized and so you brought forward the experience to taste it.  In doing so you have brought forward a silent tradition in your lineage/a gift.  It was waiting for you!
All of the joy and hardships that our ancestors learned through, are not only available to you  but are silently working through you.  These subtle currants of energy run through the body and soul of us all.
There are spiritual traditions that we consciously or unconsciously utilize to deepen our sense of connection, belonging and to keep alive that which is Sacred.  We come together and share our hearts (whether through ancient spiritual practices or church) to re-ignite traditions that strengthen our sense of self, our community and unite us with something bigger than ourselves.
Tradition operates in everything we do.  From gathering with family for Sunday dinner or the ways in which we raise our children.  The way we eat seafood on on Christmas eve in the Italian traditions.  It is really endless in the ways we are interfacing with traditions through thoughts and beliefs that operate within our psyche every minute of every day without our awareness.  I feel it’s important to understand here and reflect again on the full meaning of the word tradition, gaze back up at the top.
In so many ways this is absolutely magical and the greatest blessing.  The intelligence working here is miraculous and it is the gift that keeps on giving.  The way we sing or dance and pass on stories to our children.
Now I am going to bring to light the other silent traditions that run through our bodies.  These are again if we look upon them with lightness, – traditions asking us to be challenged and maybe healed.   In every lineage there are traditions/beliefs and energetic currants that are formed through trauma, oppression and a means of survival.
Our people, once indigenous to land with no name have traveled far and wide in human development and in doing so have faced the full spectrum of duality.  They have had to fight hard to protect land and those they love, overcome war, colonization, struggle, poverty, violence, storms, suppression, hunger, death and betrayal.  Over time these experiences have altered their development, and created narratives which became traditions.
We have healed a great deal of the pain within the blood of our lineages and it is still the greatest work.  When we become aware of what is running through us, we have a choice in what we engage in and transmit forward.  What are we choosing to pass on?  Over time we have built allegiances with our lineage and unconsciously with the energy that runs through the line regardless of whether it destroys or serves.  So we continue to use the energy like second nature unaware of the pain and trauma it inflicts or the way it smalls or chokes the life force of the next generation.  New life being born!
To become aware is the key to then being able to observe why you would want to continue living out something that is not true to YOUR nature.   And you will likely have to dive into  the question of, Who am I?  With each generation there is a broadening of light and life force and opportunity to expand upon that which proceeded it.
Let me give you a few examples:
Let’s say your people were nomadic and traveled with the seasons or traveled with the day.  You have felt unstable in your life and always wanted to keep moving, experiencing and just couldn’t seem to understand why you just couldn’t settle down.  This is one of the reasons.  This is karma!  It will play out for you as it has so deliberately within me and now my son.
Until the soul completes the cycle and honors it – and then blesses the lineage.  A choice is then made to break with tradition and this can be very challenging.  We have unspoken agreements, and for many of us Loyalty is a very powerful gift.  It keeps us looping in patterns and habits that will have us believe if we break this tradition, we will break with the people we come from.  This distortion is what keeps us in conflict with ourselves.  If it doesn’t bring us joy and keeps us from our souls deeper desire, why do we stay true to it?  Do we have a choice?
When we feel discomfort or pain in our lives, we can look more closely at what is operating.  What tradition/belief ancestral/family karma is conflicting with my desire or my truth.  What is this tension or smallness weighing on my big idea.  What the f@ck is really happening here?  What is asking to be awakened within this discomfort?  Can I stop for a second and just listen instead of keeping my head down?  Can I elevate my awareness and inquire?
Here is another example:  My Grandmother lost her parents at a very young age along with all her siblings.  They all died from the spanish influenza.  My Grandmother was placed in a home and was raised by incredibly cruel and violent nuns.  This energy may have been passed down and may be the reason I have had anger towards catholocism.  It may also be the reason that I myself was removed from my home and placed into a home as a teenager.  This was my family karma.
Now I am older and I have more awareness I can see how it played out in my life.  I was gifted this awareness and so I was gifted the choice.  It is a habit until you know it is, then it becomes a choice.  Thank you Sister Oneya for this teaching.
I met with my deep sense of knowing and I communed with my lineage and I made the choice to break this tradition.  I have not broken with my family (although I would, if it caused me harm).  I have instead chosen my own life, my own energy and to stand in something that is true to who I am.  In doing this for myself, I create a new way forward for my lineage and the energy is transformed and healed through the line.
I notice how obligated I have felt to carry burdens and weight but I was misinformed about this.  In honoring my own life, I honor life – life is the only real truth that is always – ALIVE!   My lineage loves me and wants me to be free.  They want me to walk forward as the breath and life of our blood.  They hold my heart as I face the pain of breaking and what has seemingly been broken.   The pain and loss of the life of my own people.
I can still feel this overwhelming sense of selfishness.  That choosing myself is somehow wrong or that I am abandoning others that I love.  In truth I abandon myself when I am true to something that is not aligned with my heart.  It takes incredible strength to face this, because our beliefs and societal norms have been mostly based on external authority.  So standing in a new truth is revolutionary.  Its breaking with complacency!
If I kept on unconsciously choosing to play out the energy, it would keep showing itself throughout time , through my son, or my grandchildren until someone had the strength to challenge it.  Let me be the one to stand in my sovereignty and lead my line forward!   There is a feeling in my body that in choosing something new I actually restore the original fabric of life prior to the trauma or indoctrination.   Different times require different traditions!  Creator, May I be Brave and choose the traditions that will serve me and the world and which ones must die through me.
I break tradition with poverty!   I break tradition with violence!  I break tradition with manipulation and disrespect!  I break tradition with hunger and female malnourishment!  I break tradition with obedience, shame and malice!  I break tradition with fear and sexual deprivation!  I break tradition with betrayal!  I break tradition with
Self hatred, denial, unworthiness and settling for crumbs!  I break tradition with living in fear!  I break tradition with all Anti Life energies that crush my longing for life.  I break with friends, partners, family and children who choose to engage unconsciously and cause harm to me, the earth or themselves.  I hold myself and all others in compassion as we learn together and grow.  This is a life time body of work.
I honor and carry forward the traditions of my lineage:  Resilience, Grace, Compassion, Courage, Loyalty to self and then all others,  Magic, Healing, Wisdom, folklore traditions, Reverence for the Earth and all of its people.  Respect for self and others!  Spiritual pride, dignity, WORTHINESS, Wholeness, Laughter and lightness,  Peace, Majestic, Royalty, Decency!
Through Love, Radical Honesty, Radical Truth I Stand as the new way!  I stand with my Lineage with Courage and Grace and choose a new path.

Union 2019 -man & woman -earth & sky

This year 2019 holds such a deeper thread of Mystery/Mastery Simplicity. There is truly a more embodied lived actualization of Spirit as Form ~ I feel I grasp the concept, We are the ones we have been waiting for. I feel more ready than ever to let myself be nourished and to live in joy.

2018 broke my heart and dragged me through rock and mud and destroyed my dreams and I almost lost faith – The paradox was so rich, My pain so lovingly sat side by side with joy and openings – My tears became laughter, then more tears and my heart will never be the same! Resilience is one of the sacred gifts I have been cultivating this lifetime, I am slowly coming through and gestating new dreams and when its time I know I will be a good Mother to them… And give them fully to the world.


Written January 2nd, 2019IMG_20181208_173249119

Rites of Passage – Mother To Be Ceremony

Rites Of Passage ~ Mother to be ceremony 
Ceremonial blessing for a Woman BeComing a Mama

It is a holy and beautiful experience bearing witness to women as they grow into new expressions of themselves. When a woman is pregnant she is not only birthing a child but rebirthing herself.

Rites of passage~are practiced to mark the transition from one phase of life to another. It is essentially a death and a rebirth as she is embodying the Divine Mother.

These ancient traditions honor the spiritual nature of life, while deepening our acceptance and understanding and celebrating our humanity. The art of ceremony anchors and supports a woman to psychological prepare to take her place in her new role, supported by her family and community.

Women gathering together brings enormous healing. When I facilitate an initiatory ceremony for a woman it is medicine for the Mama, Me and the Community. Tears flow for the Mother in me who felt completely unsupported in birth and I grieve on behalf of my matriarchal lineage. While simultaneously filling me with excitement and joy that we are finally here now. I use my experience as fuel to my fire, to stay true to the needs of our women, men and children. After thousands of years of patriarchy which forced our feminine rituals underground. This Mother to Be, is changing the entire dynamic of her lineage and the world.

The time returns!!! Here we are again, steeped in wisdom and remembering. Today I hold the red thread as a wisdom carrier of my lineage. I pass on Rites of Passage to empower women to celebrate their holiness. My silent prayer is that they will pass on this very grace to the next generation, friends and communities.

#We are the Ones we have been waiting for.
#AncientWisdom # Re-membering #HolyWOman #Wakethewitches#Ancestors #Sisterhood #Holy Motherhood #HighPriestess#Magicinourbones

Thank you Mama Sarah for bringing me in, I am so honored to have witnessed your beauty  I bow!

Thank you Irma, Cris and Andrea for being part of my remembering.

Photographer, Ina Schnyder

Holy Mother Body



Holy Mother Sharing 

Yesterday I went to the naked spa again, which brings up so much emotion around being seen, how I have not seen myself and ancestral and societal conditioning around our beautiful shapes and forms. How I have hidden my own beauty from men (having sex in the dark). Hiding from my own child, covering up instead of letting him see his mamas body. And mostly from myself, not really enjoying her.

And it disgusts me to have done this to myself! And this is part of where the shame thickens, I betrayed myself. Because I know the truth, I am exquisite just like every other body roaming this earth. It enrages me that we live in a world that women are taught to loathe their bodies with the implied message of (YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH) .

Normally at the spa, I have to take a deep breath and literally will myself to take off my clothes. This time, not so much!  . What I experienced yesterday amidst the 100s of naked female bodies, was the deep presence of my Mother body. When you see my naked marked up body – you know, I am the Mother.

As I rose out of the water, breasts sagging with huge areola thanks to pregnancy, belly chubs doing its thing, was this sense of loving awareness. I am marked as the Holy instrument of the Mother. I didn’t see any women with stretch marks yesterday it was though mine were the highlight of the room. And I felt strength in this! Like these primal scars were a badge of holiness. I was proud of my body. I was proud to be Cody’s Mother and to own this power as a sacred gift. I broadcasted my soft Mother essence by embracing the gift imprinted on my body. This feeling brought me to tears took my breathe away.

Deep down I am still healing from the societal shame which I swallowed being a teenage Mother. I was cast out by family and some community because I chose a different path. Their ignorance wasn’t fully rooted in malice but fear because I chose a path less trotted.

Unkind Words spoken attribute to my concept of Mother – body image and it still burns in my belly – “Your Father must be rolling over in his grave over this”. “What will the neighbors think” – What kind of Mother will you be – What kind of life will you be able to give to this child? Uneducated – Incapable – Alone – No Money -Selfish – You can’t take care of yourself, how will you care for a child. #Trash #BadMother#Notenough #Faliure CANCEL!

But fuck that  . I knew this was HER calling for me and so I armored up, while giving myself to the Mother with hope of being a different kind of Mother. And I was definitely a different kind of Mother. 

Being a Mother in this society has been so challenging for our female species. The guilt, never being good enough, never getting it right, being responsible seemingly for every outcome, sucks the very life out of our experience. (Thank God we are shifting this collectively) This is the Great Work!

Walking the path of the Mother has been incredibly painful for me and yet it is my gift to this world. As I deepen my healing, I have moments that I am euphoric with love and other moments where I am filled with rage. Jesus this vessel holds so much! I bow to the ancestors, our Mother’s that raised children through the 5,000 years of patriarchy. And I grieve for the Mother in me, but I choose to no longer feel sorry for her.

I use my strength to deepen my sense of purpose to support women in embodying the Mother, feeling supported, trusting their wisdom and finding ways to nourish themselves. Accessing all the things I didn’t have or didn’t know I had. While unapologetically raising our children however the fuck we choose too. Preparing them and liberating them from the shackles of patriarchy and raising them in a whole new yummy and hopefully conscious way that is filled with more joy.

Mothers endure! Their physical bodies are banged up, stretched out beyond recognition – there are sacrifices that are made to create life! Its a holy mess! Nothing goes how we want it too. This is the nature of life on earth! The more support we have the easier it is…

We are warriors, lovers, and portals of creation…I Bow again and again and vow to fully awaken and meet the gifts bestowed. In 25 years so much has changed in the realm of mothering and all things birthing. We are making progress even though I wish it would come faster. But it is happening! I birthed more gently than my Mother and with each generation new consciousness is born and things change. We are the ones we have been waiting for. This body image reflection morphed into a deeper message, one I carry in my bones. #Freedom
#Selflove #Messymothering #Goddesslives #MarkedCreator #Holyvessel#HOLYHIGHPRIESTESS

You, Only You – And God Knows Who You Are – Credentials to the Unknown? Get outta here!

I was just listening to a spirit brother, Michael Teal and I was inspired by something he expressed in his video.  🙂 . The interviewer asked him, do you have certifications? To which he replied, “back then people just were what they were.  You are born with it!” Indigenous medicine people, witches, priestesses, don’t have certifications.  People of Spirit with their gifts in tact are naturally awakened or passed down through the lineage.  Breathe!
He hit the nail on the head – and this is something I struggled with for a while and sometimes, I still forget who I am and when I do, it is a disaster of matrix silliness.  From the very beginning of my (so called awareness of my spiritual path – as though I wasn’t walking it my whole life ). I could give 2 f@cks about a piece of paper, I was so thirsty to feel and BE myself and to commune with my aliveness.  I was clear I wanted to embody God/Goddess, Period!  This was the longing.  It was so much fun to open up the mystical and re-member, as well as greet the family in spirit as the illusion was parting.
Some people just remember and have very powerful conscious experiences and others have a calling and or a curiosity of the unseen realms, and it all opens as it does.  We wake up in our own unique ways based on our karma and esoteric physiology.  In the ancient mystery schools, which were mostly all taught orally (we didn’t offer certifications).  Our crafts were cultivated and used in the community – gifts were shared.  We DEVELOPED and CULTIVATED magic.  This was an experiment!  I don’t know why today that feels different, but it is not!  Its just that so many of us have bodies of esoteric wisdom being born.
Over time traditions changed and the species grew.  Its never been fixed but always evolving or experimenting, as this is what consciousness does.  We did work together as families of initiates/(pre-religion) to witness and support one another.  Remember, back in the day tribes stayed together because their lives depended on it.  Pre-Humanity in Atlantis and MU – we were developing all sorts of technology.  There is always trial and lots of error.  It will never be perfect but hopefully easier.  – We have to keep an eye on this as we play with bodies of certification – as this can open another can of worms.
We dived deep into experimental living – we dived into the unknown.  We studied planets, witchcraft/esoteric mysteries/consciousness/elements/magic occult – whatever you call it.  The unknown simply is just that – the Mystery.  How can one be certified in the unknown?  Contemplate this for a second.  Now have a chuckle out loud and hug yourself if you have fallen into this matrix too.  Also the fall in, of once we study something, we somehow think we are an expert on it.  Hehehe its a doorway to even more unknown!
Now I want to clarify something here – My view on this is this!  You form your own view.  – You either have it or you don’t.  You are born with it and its accessible to you or its not!  Be who you are!  You know you are steeped in magic or You karmically cannot see that you are!  The trainings and certifications are fantastic but don’t ever think that certification give you permission to be who you are.  You cannot receive permission from another human to BE YOU!  or to practice magic. PERIOD!
I have heard people say out loud, well I am a certified crystal keeper, or I am……and not just intuitive.  Some how, pooh poohing those who move through organic channels of God given learning.  To this I want to say I honor your hard work in learning through a teacher (I love teachers, I am one) – but you do realize that you are learning from someone who has intuitively remembered/studied the ancient information and formulated a class for you.  (blind spot). I am not speaking into coaches – they are valuable but they are not shamans, although they have medicine.  (another article on that soon)
This is great, as so many of us are sharing wisdom to make life easier for the planet.  Our ancestors did so much work for this to even be possible.  For example – Jesus and Magdalene passed on teachings to us.  Once you learn something pass it on, so that we all have access to it.  I am so grateful that my Swami and so many of my teachers passed on valuable information to assist me in developing my consciousness.  Also, on the flip side of this – it is SO IMPORTANT to HONOR traditions and teachings that have been passed.  Note your teachers, they have worked so hard to pass on wisdom to you!  God flows in all ways direct and directly through others.  IMG_9051
 My point, all ways of awakening and learning are unique but WE ALL MUST UNDERSTAND – (Magic, soul, creation and healing all mysteries unknown) – cannot be classified like a social work degree.  No matter how much spirituality is expanding in the modern world through Quantum physics- Don’t get it twisted, it is an ancient sacred embodiment and cannot be commercialized even though everyone thinks they are a Priestess and Shaman for $999.00.  NOPE! It is a calling, an art and something you cannot shake – I know I sometimes try!
So in summation – Cut it out!  Use your gifts and show up as you are!   You do not need external permission and when you start to own that, you will have more than your share of clients and opportunities to gift your courage to the world.   (the lesson that keeps on revealing) .  My teacher Sri Kaleshwar says – be a soul scientist.  This is what true mystics are and I am overjoyed to have so many incredible beings who are doing the great work.  Who are birthing knew consciousness, communing with spirit and nature and writing it and or sharing it.
Some people are chefs and architects and others are Mystics or Medicine people.  Be whatever you are, or both.  My point is (watch the consciousness you are operating in.).  I will watch mine too!  Its a sneaky biatch! We all need to re-wire.
Humans like to receive certifications to mark the efforts and or be witnessed in completion.  Avatars, probably not so much.  🙂 I honor our human experience.  Just remember that God/Goddess is the only real authority that lives inside of you.
With that said, training and initiations are wonderful and important and have really supported me in fully integrating major gifts and awakenings.  Journeying with the Fountain of Life,  Mystery School has inspired me and taught me so much.  Being a student of Sri Kaleshwar has brought me full circle deeper into my dharma.  As long as you understand- the paper at the end does not seal you as Whatever you signed up for.  In actuality You are signing up to receive a consciousness and or awaken a gift or have a transformational quantum leap experience.  It either opens you to deepen your own gnosis or its just another paper to fill your emptiness.  Walking the path of Spirit is a personal path – one that is between you and Spirit!
My training began with direct experience with Spirit at my alter in my bedroom.  Then I took a few trainings to open up faster, I was in a rush.   I was sent out to re-member in the world and use my souls deep skill-full magic. I didn’t have any context for what I was learning and that was the point.  Unlearn and remember!  Then I immersed myself in more trainings. Just like so many of us, I went through the phase of – but I don’t have any certifications.  I am shaking my head as I release another layer of this BS today.  Creator doesn’t ask permission but creates.  It so on!