Loving My Body

Yesterday I went to the naked spa again, which brings up so much emotion around being seen, how I have not seen myself and ancestral and societal conditioning around our beautiful shapes and forms. How I have hidden my own beauty from men (having sex in the dark). Hiding from my own child, covering up instead of letting him see his mamas body. And mostly from myself, not really enjoying her.

And it disgusts me to have done this to myself! And this is part of where the shame thickens, I betrayed myself. Because I know the truth, I am exquisite just like every other body roaming this earth. It enrages me that we live in a world that women are taught to loathe their bodies with the implied message of (YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH) .

Normally at the spa, I have to take a deep breath and literally will myself to take off my clothes. This time, not so much!  . What I experienced yesterday amidst the 100s of naked female bodies, was the deep presence of my Mother body. When you see my naked marked up body – you know, I am the Mother.

As I rose out of the water, breasts sagging with huge areola thanks to pregnancy, belly chubs doing its thing, was this sense of loving awareness. I am marked as the Holy instrument of the Mother. I didn’t see any women with stretch marks yesterday it was though mine were the highlight of the room. And I felt strength in this! Like these primal scars were a badge of holiness. I was proud of my body. I was proud to be Cody’s Mother and to own this power as a sacred gift. I broadcasted my soft Mother essence by embracing the gift imprinted on my body. This feeling brought me to tears took my breathe away.

Deep down I am still healing from the societal shame which I swallowed being a teenage Mother. I was cast out by family and some community because I chose a different path. Their ignorance wasn’t fully rooted in malice but fear because I chose a path less trotted.

Unkind Words spoken attribute to my concept of Mother – body image and it still burns in my belly – “Your Father must be rolling over in his grave over this”. “What will the neighbors think” – What kind of Mother will you be – What kind of life will you be able to give to this child? Uneducated – Incapable – Alone – No Money -Selfish – You can’t take care of yourself, how will you care for a child. #Trash #BadMother #Notenough #Faliure CANCEL!

But fuck that  . I knew this was HER calling for me and so I armored up, while giving myself to the Mother with hope of being a different kind of Mother. And I was definitely a different kind of Mother. 

Being a Mother in this society has been so challenging for our female species. The guilt, never being good enough, never getting it right, being responsible seemingly for every outcome, sucks the very life out of our experience. (Thank God we are shifting this collectively) This is the Great Work!

Walking the path of the Mother has been incredibly painful for me and yet it is my gift to this world. As I deepen my healing, I have moments that I am euphoric with love and other moments where I am filled with rage. Jesus this vessel holds so much! I bow to the ancestors, our Mother’s that raised children through the 5,000 years of patriarchy. And I grieve for the Mother in me, but I choose to no longer feel sorry for her.

I use my strength to deepen my sense of purpose to support women in embodying the Mother, feeling supported, trusting their wisdom and finding ways to nourish themselves. Accessing all the things I didn’t have or didn’t know I had. While unapologetically raising our children however the fuck we choose too. Preparing them and liberating them from the shackles of patriarchy and raising them in a whole new yummy and hopefully conscious way that is filled with more joy.

Mothers endure! Their physical bodies are banged up, stretched out beyond recognition – there are sacrifices that are made to create life! Its a holy mess! Nothing goes how we want it too. This is the nature of life on earth! The more support we have the easier it is…

We are warriors, lovers, and portals of creation…I Bow again and again and vow to fully awaken and meet the gifts bestowed. In 25 years so much has changed in the realm of mothering and all things birthing. We are making progress even though I wish it would come faster. But it is happening! I birthed more gently than my Mother and with each generation new consciousness is born and things change. We are the ones we have been waiting for. This body image reflection morphed into a deeper message, one I carry in my bones. #Freedom
#Selflove #Messymothering #Goddesslives #MarkedCreator #Holyvessel #HOLYHIGHPRIESTESS.     


At this time in my life the longing for sisterhood continues to grow in me. Having Beautiful Women whom I love all over this globe is the greatest gift and yet I need more. I need to continue to heal sisterhood by being an active participant in fostering nourishing relationships with women.

I am reflecting on Living into commitments with my sisters and showing up to be real and present in my relationships. Not just when its convenient, but as an act of devotion all the freaking time. Choose your council wisely! Women with masks off willing to speak the uncomfortable truths and get to the bones of it all without throwing it all away.

I am reminded of the power of the SUNFLOWER – As I walked through the valley in Southern France and gazed upon the magic of a full field of vibrant flowers this is what I saw:

Armies of Sisters! Woman shoulder to shoulder facing the Sun! This is the way we once were. Soft and bright, blood warm, spines soft and erect rising together to meet the sun.

I hold this vision of women whole – together again! This is my hearts deep longing. I am grateful to be walking with so many women that are longing for that too. Commitment to joy and loving the unlovable as we make our way home to one another.

Nature & Nurture

When I was a little girl the trees were my biggest Ali. I always liked them but it wasn’t until I was about 7 years old that they swooped in fiercely as a support for me. They always brought great comfort and protection.

🌲As an adult they come to me in dreams to offer counsel and support. When I walk through nature I can feel certain trees calling me. When I approach them I ask for consent just like we do with people. May I hug you? Do you need anything? Will you strengthen me please and pass on your wisdom? My hearts song is usually my offering. Always in the flow with nature giving as well as receiving. Not just taking from her♥. Everything is reciprocal.

🌹One of my mentors, taught me when you smell a flower and take in its essence, make sure you breathe your life force back into the flower. And till this day every flower and tree I commune with I offer my essence back to it. What seems like such a simple teaching is the science of universal law and it is the law of ONE – Balance and Nurture.

🌻I have been blessed with many wise women in my life which have passed so much sage wisdom to me. I embodied and applied the teaching and it becomes my wisdom (Sophia) and I now pass it on to those women who come to mentor and apprentice with me. The knowledge belongs to no one person but has been carried by wisdom keepers and passed onto initiates throughout time. In the feminine wisdom traditions there is no hierarchy but spirals and circles.

🌸 Another teacher expressed this beautifully – We are all in the race and play our part. Each woman runs her leg of the race and passes the baton to the next woman. All are equal and valuable, it matters not who begins and ends. The wisdom cannot die with us, it must be passed on orally or written down for others who will come.

My beauty meets your beauty – My wisdom meets your Wisdom – Reciprocal 


Beltane – Honoring The Sacred – European Indigeneity



Hello Community,

Today is the feast of Beltane / May Day in old Europe.  It was/is a sacred time of year positioned between the spring equinox and summer solstice. It represents the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer.  There are many ceremonial ways the indigenous celebrated this ancient fertility festival.  It began at nightfall on the 30th and ran through the day and longer in many villages.

We hear of the stories of The May Queen and King – Green man and Goddess coming together in the Sacred Marriage (Heiros Gamos)  the alchemical merge.  This story grew out of an older ritual predating the language of such titles, but the knowledge is carried through safely, so that we have it today.  Our ancient ancestors lived lives steeped in what we refer to as magic but what was natural for them.   They were in communion with the seen and unseen worlds and their reverence for the elemental forces held great power.  All of which lives on within us, waiting for our re-membering.


Beltane is known as a fire festival, so there would have been purification rituals, themes of transformation and lots of passion, dancing and heat!  Some likely wore less clothes while others dressed in shamanic animal heads and skins.  They foraged for herbs and flowers to adorn and paint their bodies and faces for ceremony.  There were hand fasting ceremonies (marriages) ~ jumping the broom, sacred sexual mating rituals, hunting and gathering.   Clans/tribes would gather together to both celebrate and ensure good relations with their communities and the natural world.


They weaved baskets and made offerings to the Gods and to one another.  Over time the May Pole arrived and they weaved their prayers, hopes and well wishes through dance and song.  Thousands and thousands of years of traditions,  like a lost love story of a sacred people and their relationship with the land cut short by invasion and genocide.

It is miraculous that our Mother has held the stones as the bones of the earth to remind us of our past, and to generate the power which may be essential for our futures.   I bow my head in gratitude to the Northern/Western Celtic clans/tribal nations for being the sacred keepers of ancient Indigenous Europe.   I feel they fulfilled a great promise as they held on to stories, passing on the legacy and medicine ways that have helped many of us to reclaim our own.  To all of those that gave their lives, we honor and thank you!

Much of the Mediterranean Ancestral Matriarchal Goddess cultures are also still in tact, a vibrant landscape with memory and maps for those with eyes to see.  Glastonbury, France, Spain, Scotland, and Italy – All of Europe holds  deep pockets of memory for those willing to take the sojourn.  There were many similarities across cultures/tribal peoples and also many differences based on climate and terrain which shapes the relationship one has with life.  For example if you lived by the sea there would be likely more water Deities while those in the mountains would honor earth or sky Gods.

What land do your people hail from?  Have you visited the place of your indigenous ancestors?  If not, can you tune into the land?  How can this connection heal you?  How can this connection heal your people?   I invite you to drop into your blood and bone memory and journey into the living records of your people.  As you call upon the wisdom, let the colors, stories and songs reveal themselves to you.  Then let your imagination take you home.  Then write it all down and offer it to the living world as a legacy of love.

Let us reclaim our languages, songs and become strong in our own medicine so that we can share with reverence  and respect for all life.  More rituals, rites of passage, more connection with nature!   When we heal our selves/through our ancestors I believe it’s the place where spiritually becomes a living breathing integration.  Where all of the mundane is an act of beauty lived with purpose. Let us live in the modern world with the wisdom and technology of the ancient ones.  They are calling us all home now!

I feel so blessed to have had the privilege to partake in Beltane Rituals in Switzerland France and last year We birthed one in New York.  Today as I sit in quarantine in New York I reminisce about Sacred France, the love of my soul family – my relationship to the land and the fragrance of Lily of The Valley.  This sacred flower is offered to women on this Holy Day.  I both smile with gratitude while equally feeling a deep grief that my feet are not kissing my soul soil and I am making peace with all that is.

On this Beltane I honor indigenous Europe and her magic.   This piece started as one thing and ended with another, as is life.   I send out a prayer for all peoples to remember who they are and where they come from.   Let us all wake up to the past because it lives within us – while using our gifts to move us forward united.   Let us see the truth and injustice alongside the beauty and joy and let’s allow the broken system to collapse while we birth a new world.   Let us gather all our courage and resilience for what is to come and gather in the East!

For those seeking to dive deep into the power of your lineage and do the ancestral repair work through your entire 4 lines.  I am here and in for it!  We start by doing it with our own self interest at heart and then for our families and then for the living world.  This work is the work of our times and I am committed to it!  Write to me if you feel the calling and want to drop in for a discovery call. http://www.ourfemininelegacy.com




Why I do this work

I offer rituals to help women healSome people ask me why I do the work that I do. Why do you always talk about wombs? Why are you always talking abortion and sex?
🤭 Here is my reflection: 🌹
I offer what was not offered to me. Oh how I wish as a young women I had a wise elder by my side teaching me about my body. I wish I knew that I was special and that to be born in a female body is the highest gift. I wish I knew that giving birth to my son as a teenager wasn’t shameful it was miraculous. I wish I knew my blood was healing and a source of power. I wish I knew that my sexuality was natural and brings pleasure instead of shame and pain. I wish I knew what it felt like to be honored for being brave and making choices for myself. I wish I knew that loving myself was natural instead of feeling the normal was to loathe the self. When I had my abortions I wish I had support and I wish I had someone to guide me. I wish I had someone there to help me tune in and really grieve- I wish I had a loving mama to wrap her arms around me and say this shit is going to be okay. I wish I was celebrated and was offered respect when I was giving birth. I wish I had ceremonies and women and men holding me and witnessing me in the deepening of my experience as a woman.
I wish I knew that big bodies are beautiful too. I wish no matter what I faced there were women who had walked the path before me to love me and hold me in that love instead of violence and judgement. Oh how I wish!!!! The list goes on and on. Who would I be if I had those things? I may not be doing this work now and we need more women in the work. ♥️ I serve women because we need to be served with love, honor and respect. Every woman I serve is nourishes me. It’s not selfless, it’s devotion for all involved. I am committed to being that woman and elder for others. I am committed to holding a container of non judgement so folks feel safe.
It is imperative you know you are not alone and that whatever you do in this life you are worthy of that. This is how we change the world by loving and showing up.

#Priestess #Women #Mother #selflovejourney

Shape Shifting – Shamanic Nature

Untitled design (1) I walk this world in many shapes and forms.  I am a shamanic shape shifting woman.  There is a primal intelligence that lives within me (in all of us) and it reveals in a myriad of different forms which I call essence.  Some parts I have come to know well, while others reveal themselves and come home to me when I need them.  They are not outside of me and some have been with me since birth.  Some of the animal spirits I walk with are ancestral spirits that have walked with my lineage protecting and caring for our family.

In my own life and in my work with women, I am fascinated by the psychology of our primal nature.  As a scorpio I dive deep into darkness and light- primal and royal – All of the selves that walk within ONE.  I seek to not only understand it, but to actually experience and embody it.  I am in awe of the beauty, the rich texture that so lovingly offers itself to me, when I am willing to see and feel it.  In truth, it is offered to us all.

I have come to learn who shows up when I am afraid and in need of protection.  If I have been attacked and wounded energetically – vulture comes to bring me its medicine, breathes life back into me.  When I need cuddles and support my dragon wraps itself around my heart and body.  Some I walk with for a few months and they are rarely seen again.  Some feel more like me, while  others seem like family that leans in to help with specific initiations.

I have learned that different activities and physical places invoke different parts of the psyche.  The intelligence is sublime.  I have noticed aspects of myself that work together in tandem.  For example my Dark feminine walks with the panther.  The Mother in me walks as Bear.  My Cosmic form flies as Priestess and shapeshifts with swan and vulture.  All of the parts of the whole rest inside of my consciousness.  I am everything and nothing and this is my nature always at play and always unfolding.  I study particles, dna, soul and spirit, matter and the environment and how we relate to it.  It spins me around in experience and offers me one thing – mystery.   I don’t want to read about it from others,  I want to live it!  This is my way – then I will share it with others for them to experience it.

Often times we must switch up our rhythm to open the door to what we need.  When I travel through different lands, all over the globe I am met with more parts of the self and more of me becomes known and whole.  I have traveled far and wide to bring to life that which lives within this body.  This was the deal and as arduous as it has been, it is my path to walk.

The Blackness of the panther and darkness within me came through today.  I notice panther presents through movement (running and sex 🙂  While on the treadmill today picking up pace I began to feel the shift in my form.   My body starts to pulse and heat rises, my legs become agile and my heart and chest lift upward while the lungs open to growl – vision shifts and I become animal.

As I run faster I can feel the masculine sensual pulse, black sleek fur on my body.  I want to take up space and be free to let this beast sound off and come to life in me.  We run through my psyche a dark and vast pathway, walls made of rock along the sides.  Panther quickens and I feel this wildness undulating through my cells.    I feel her there with him, this feminine darkness. I feel both male and female converge.   He runs through the rocks and soil and to the stars collecting parts of my soul with his mouth. He brings them all back to me.  They are parts that have been isolated or frozen in time.  Together we bring them into consciousness again.  We are made whole and enlivened.

The older I get and the more connected I am, the more I understand (on a good day) 🙂 the practicality of living a spiritual life.  I am simply living my essence -using the  ancestral wisdom and gifts that creator has blessed me with to support my journey on earth.   Societal narratives suggest we disconnect from ourselves to strive to be something other than nature.  We see this continues to harm us and our Earth Mother. In that ideology we are separated from our source and human beings are relational and therefore woven into one.  My communing with Panther is felt physically and I have a deep love and respect for him.  He is my ancestral familiar and comes from my Fathers line, yet he is me.  😉 My son also walks with Panther.

When we are open, we naturally access shamanic multidimensional flow states,  the  feeling of expanded awareness.  Women were the first shamans – (a term adopted from Siberia) but now used globally to depict, for lack of a better word -medicine person. Archeological findings from all over the globe reveal real life figurines and carvings dating back thousands of years – (woman as bird – women as bull- women as boar) – women as shapeshifters, using shamanic practices to bring healing and guidance to her community.

Through the era of patriarchy we saw more men shamans and priests.  The word changed forms and moved towards men and seemingly out of the realm of women.  This is changing again as women are awakening and returning home to their power.  We are living breathing medicine, that is in dire need on this planet to balance the polarity and do what we do best – birth a new world into being.  Woohoo!  We are taking up our space and place beside our brothers.

Through out herstory/history all of the Goddesses and Gods walked with animal spirits.  They assist in healing, nurturing and walking us through our lives.  We see Athena with the owl and Artemis with the deer.  We see Shiva with the cobra and Sarasvati with her sacred swan.  This has always been the way of human beings, as we never walk alone and these animal familiars are merely parts of us .

I am devoted to supporting women in remembering who they are and returning home to their gifts and power.   When we cultivate relationships with our primal selves we dissolve conditioning and become attuned to creation.   Stay tuned for 2020 offerings by joining my mailing list. http://www.ourfemininelegacy.com.

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Mary Magdalene’s Holy Message

What is Mary Magdalenes message?  What is she really inviting us to do?  Women all over the globe are awakening in the name of the Divine Feminine and Magdalena is all over it.   She has come to ALL of us with messages and wisdom and an invitation to RISE in LOVE.  She is the Modern day – Embodied Real life Goddess that is showing us, YES!  You too can do what I have done and more.

When we look over her life and ministries and the way she fiercely lived in service. We see a Woman on Fire devoted to bringing forward a New way.  We all may have different interpretations of this, but clearly it is -Return home to the Soul Self – live in Truth and love one another!  This morning in meditation I had some insights and I wanted to just lay them here for exploration.  What if Mary Magdalenes message was “Rise up and get out there and live in truth! ”  Speak up about injustice and Help Your Brothers and Sisters and Care for Your Earth Mother!

What if we are not seeing the whole truth in her message because it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable for us all.  Because let’s speak it straight, this path and rise of  consciousness  (ascending and descending) isn’t easy!  We are facing all the demons, sexual manipulation and repression – seemingly endless trauma.  We are all being brought to our knees in one way or another to resurrect and live liberated.  When we liberate, we then assist others on the path of liberation.  For those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

The cracks in the pavement are everywhere and our foundation is collapsing.  Surely a Women of her Power and Mastery wasn’t simply talking about clearing her name as a prostitute or about her marriage to Yeshua and her family or even her mythical powers.  Yes, she embodies Unity and all things Womb Mysteries.  She is God in female form and this has huge implications on our modern world and healing the wasteland!  She is our greatest teacher for these times with a deeper message.   She is the Black Kali, The Black Madonna Embodied!  She invites us to look deeper still!  Next layer, keep going, Through the womb and the tomb and back to Earth- deeper still and face the illusion – she asks –

Is Earth your home?

What if she is saying speak the truth and it will set us all free.   Face the unbearable tragedies of your ancestry- RACISM- WHTE SUPREMACY – SEXISM and heal it with loving awareness.  Then grieve from what has been lost and return to joy!   We all sit around talking about Conspiracy Theories and still not fully realizing that the biggest one is based on false systems of Race and oppression and that those of us with lighter skin live mostly unaware of what is happening.  We are seemingly less affected by it.  But that is the biggest lie of all!  It is killing us!  It is all of us with lighter skin that they have sought to control  because if we knew what they were doing, they couldn’t do it anymore.

Because our government and military and The New World order are White puppets.   They are not aware of the pain they carry and so they are food for anti-life agendas that feed on fear and separation.  Our ancestors gave up their culture for survival.   Many were forced to assimilate others happily signed on.   They Divided and conquered our indigenous European people and did the same to our human family of color.

What if Mary Magdalene is saying, are you going to wake up from this Maya?  Your body has been colonized and your lands too!  You aren’t free yet!  Your land is on fire, folks are homeless, people have no clean water to drink!  Families are not yet reunited.  You are all living in trauma and bound still by oppressive systems in invisible cages.

So I reflect, what is this Visionary Teacher and Mothers true message to the world.   What would Magdalene/Kali do if she were embodied here on earth?  Let us ponder this question and ask for her guidance.

Together with love and Divine support we can open a new doorway and look at our blindspots – Be willing to see the puppet show – wake up to all the ways we benefit from injustice at the surface and ache deep from the soul.  We must all know that this outer world doesn’t match our greater truth.  What if we became WOKE together and remembered we belong to the land and not the other way around.  What if we remembered we were all indigenous? And healed our deep trauma around what has been lost to our families and our culture – white washed and disconnected from our bodies and one another.

What if we all decided to uncover our eyes and face the atrocities on our planet?  Then with our grief stricken hearts and broken beliefs around our country, government and the lies we live everyday brought us all in solidarity.  What if White women and men saw the truth and stopped living the lies that keep these systems functioning – holograms and matrixes of RACE.  Every person on this planet has been colonized but in denial.

What if we came together and built new systems.  What if brown and peach people joined hearts and hands to develop new infrastructures and rebirth our ecosystem?  What if this shift in consciousness stopped the fires in California and eased the quaking of our lands?  What if?

What is Mary Magdalene had a deeper message?  What if the white people everywhere used their privilege to make a difference?  What if White people chose to turn inward and heal from their own wounding around colonization?  Would we then be on common ground?  Would we return to our humanity and nurture and care for our Earth?

Ps.  I love European folks, I am one!  I want us to heal!  I love our family of color.  I want them to heal/ . I want us together again in community, WHOLE.

Hmmmm  Just a heart venting:)  d5ksic-aacfa9d8-fa76-4a39-ad52-b461ca0dd167

STEAM THE QUEEN -Vaginal Steaming


I am a big fan of Yoni steaming.  I LOVE it!  For me it is a deep cleaning and it nourishes my whole body and spirit.  I am not an Herbalist, meaning I am not someone who has studied the Science of Herbs.  I do however use them and commune with their Spirits.  In the future I will definitely engage in formal training.  🙂

Yesterday I was talking to a sister who called for some advise around soothing her vagina after a vaginal steam.  She was in some discomfort and when I asked what herbs she used, she mentioned it was an infusion of many different herbs.  When she told me some of the names I immediately felt her body chemistry to be incongruent with one of the herbs.  This got me thinking.

Would it be wise for women to start off with one herb at a time?  This way women can gage if the herbs are a good match for her body chemistry.  She will also be able to tune in to the spirit of the plant and see if this particular herb will serve as an Ali in her healing journey.  It’s not a one size fits all situation.  Herbs are strong medicine.  The blend is fine for some but may have an adverse affect on another.  When I go to the Korean spa and do a traditional hip bath (yoni steam) they generally use Mugwort.  This is actually one of my favorite medicines.  I journeyed for 4 months with this herb during my healing process.  My ancestors used this herb regularly in old Europe.

When we introduce solid foods or cereals to a baby we proceed gently.  Usually one cereal or fruit at a time to see how the body reacts.  This may be a wise idea while introducing the Yoni to herbs.  I generally invite women to feel into a list of herbs and see what their body is asking for.  Now I am going to introduce one herb at a time and use it for 2 weeks before adding on another.   This way she may receive more information around what medicine spirit she truly needs.

With the Rising of the Divine Feminine there is a big calling to return to indigenous earth based practices.  Yoni steaming is a hot topic at the moment as women reconnect with their womb space, they are exploring ways to connect and heal themselves.  It would be wise to remember that our bodies are sensitive and to proceed gently with our most precious parts.  You also may want to seek out a qualified herbalist to get some more back ground or gather research.

*Also women, please do not EVER steam with a plastic bowl.  Stainless steal is the way to go!

Thanks for reading me!



Triggers & Sisterhood

As we move along our paths – some days like children and other days like ripe golden women, we come to know that any given moment consists a thread.  The threads are like stories, in our bodies all linked to tendons, neurons and a full complex messaging system.  Some days we sail on gentile waters and others it is as though we move through the eye of the storm in turbulence.  Oh the joy of being human!   All of the feelings arise (Triggers) and they send signals through our bodies that make us want to hide, run, go into trauma or implode with so much feeling.  For me I stay put- sometimes in trauma and literally fire off and I feel like I am going to give birth.  My sensitivity is out of this world uncomfortable.  This is my path today and I am learning through it!

I am triggered all the time and no matter how much so called “work” I do, its still there. On some days with more loving kindness and other days cruelty.  This is the journey in this moment.  When the triggers come and start to fire there are systematic wind chimes that fizzle through this volcanic body, almost like a siren sounding and sending me into a field of tenderness where rivers of perpetual beliefs spin me into a stratosphere.  I spin with it some days and others I manage it but really it manages me.  Then I temper, it quiets and it starts again until somehow it doesn’t anymore.  This is an inner world and what has changed through my so called “work” is the way I meet the world with it.

Anyway, we are human and its important to let others in.  Otherwise shame eats at us.  So today I faced a trigger and I told my sister about it.  I was honest and we both know it has nothing to do with her.  She gets it!  So in my sharing, I de-armored and aloud my emotions to be witnessed by someone I trust. This is the “work” I think.  Maybe we can’t fix everything,  but we can be real about what is going on in our relationships with our selves.  It de-stigmatizes it and everyone becomes more human.

As a result we feel more safe within because we are sharing our selves (its not dark) its a program one that we are all navigating in some form.  In this polarized world we make everything out to be a villain and that is why the body contests all of these emotions.   Not because the emotions are bad, but we have placed our shitty judgements on them.

In short, being a conscious human requires us to learn how to navigate the world.  We are the ONLY judge and so the journey is kindness.  Can I just be kind to myself?  Can I just be kind to others?  In this gentle brush stroke we develop self compassion and we become less adaptive to the behaviors of the world.  We develop a sense of calmness and fortitude and we grow out of the conditioning and become more nurtured.

We need to talk about things that are happening inside and share them with those we love.  I know there is medicine in telling truth.  We are all psychic and feel it anyway.  So why not share our hearts if we feel we are ready too.

I have wonderful women in my life!  Sisters that are gentile and loving, gifted and wonderful!   I know I am also one of these women,  and together we are walking one another home.





Today is a celebration, I have my uterus ! 4 Years ago- October 4th, 2015 I had a womb surgery to remove many fibroids from my Holy Womb. I went under anesthesia not knowing if I was going to wake up with my uterus. It was a horrendous death and Rebirth, a spiritual embodiment process that awakened the life out of me. And it further solidified my commitment to serve the Holy Womb of our Planet and the women who create life through this temple space.

With all of my sacred parts in my body and I give thanks to Great Mother! I just called and left a message for my surgeon, to thank him. If I had gone with the first physician I would have been gutted. This patriarchal system that takes life is being reborn! Today I also move inward for deeper forgiveness towards this system and in doing so I unchain myself and lean more towards life.

Many issues regarding womb IF NOT ALL are passed down through the lineage – womb by womb. My Mother had to have a hysterectomy and she thinks my grandmother had fibroids too.



Today I commit to the further release of all lineage karma, residual grief, rage, violence. Any energies throughout time that have sought resolve through my body, I offer them all healing, compassion and a doorway of renewed life! Today I lay it all down again as an offering to the earth, may my sorrow turn to butterflies and life dance through my body. My body is a living celebration of ancestors!

For the powerful Women who no longer have your physical womb…you are equally as magical, whole and amazing. Our energetic womb is always present birthing new life forms. We each have our own unique paths. I bow To All women and all circumstances are different. I pray that we find more places to honor and grieve the death, and celebrate each new phase of life.