What is Mary Magdalenes message?  What is she really inviting us to do?  Women all over the globe are awakening in the name of the Divine Feminine and Magdalena is all over it.   She has come to ALL of us with messages and wisdom and an invitation to RISE in LOVE.  She is the Modern day – Embodied Real life Goddess that is showing us, YES!  You too can do what I have done and more.

When we look over her life and ministries and the way she fiercely lived in service. We see a Woman on Fire devoted to bringing forward a New way.  We all may have different interpretations of this, but clearly it is -Return home to the Soul Self – live in Truth and love one another!  This morning in meditation I had some insights and I wanted to just lay them here for exploration.  What if Mary Magdalenes message was “Rise up and get out there and live in truth! ”  Speak up about injustice and Help Your Brothers and Sisters and Care for Your Earth Mother!

What if we are not seeing the whole truth in her message because it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable for us all.  Because let’s speak it straight, this path and rise of  consciousness  (ascending and descending) isn’t easy!  We are facing all the demons, sexual manipulation and repression – seemingly endless trauma.  We are all being brought to our knees in one way or another to resurrect and live liberated.  When we liberate, we then assist others on the path of liberation.  For those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

The cracks in the pavement are everywhere and our foundation is collapsing.  Surely a Women of her Power and Mastery wasn’t simply talking about clearing her name as a prostitute or about her marriage to Yeshua and her family or even her mythical powers.  Yes, she embodies Unity and all things Womb Mysteries.  She is God in female form and this has huge implications on our modern world and healing the wasteland!  She is our greatest teacher for these times with a deeper message.   She is the Black Kali, The Black Madonna Embodied!  She invites us to look deeper still!  Next layer, keep going, Through the womb and the tomb and back to Earth- deeper still and face the illusion – she asks –

Is Earth your home?

What if she is saying speak the truth and it will set us all free.   Face the unbearable tragedies of your ancestry- RACISM- WHTE SUPREMACY – SEXISM and heal it with loving awareness.  Then grieve from what has been lost and return to joy!   We all sit around talking about Conspiracy Theories and still not fully realizing that the biggest one is based on false systems of Race and oppression and that those of us with lighter skin live mostly unaware of what is happening.  We are seemingly less affected by it.  But that is the biggest lie of all!  It is killing us!  It is all of us with lighter skin that they have sought to control  because if we knew what they were doing, they couldn’t do it anymore.

Because our government and military and The New World order are White puppets.   They are not aware of the pain they carry and so they are food for anti-life agendas that feed on fear and separation.  Our ancestors gave up their culture for survival.   Many were forced to assimilate others happily signed on.   They Divided and conquered our indigenous European people and did the same to our human family of color.

What if Mary Magdalene is saying, are you going to wake up from this Maya?  Your body has been colonized and your lands too!  You aren’t free yet!  Your land is on fire, folks are homeless, people have no clean water to drink!  Families are not yet reunited.  You are all living in trauma and bound still by oppressive systems in invisible cages.

So I reflect, what is this Visionary Teacher and Mothers true message to the world.   What would Magdalene/Kali do if she were embodied here on earth?  Let us ponder this question and ask for her guidance.

Together with love and Divine support we can open a new doorway and look at our blindspots – Be willing to see the puppet show – wake up to all the ways we benefit from injustice at the surface and ache deep from the soul.  We must all know that this outer world doesn’t match our greater truth.  What if we became WOKE together and remembered we belong to the land and not the other way around.  What if we remembered we were all indigenous? And healed our deep trauma around what has been lost to our families and our culture – white washed and disconnected from our bodies and one another.

What if we all decided to uncover our eyes and face the atrocities on our planet?  Then with our grief stricken hearts and broken beliefs around our country, government and the lies we live everyday brought us all in solidarity.  What if White women and men saw the truth and stopped living the lies that keep these systems functioning – holograms and matrixes of RACE.  Every person on this planet has been colonized but in denial.

What if we came together and built new systems.  What if brown and peach people joined hearts and hands to develop new infrastructures and rebirth our ecosystem?  What if this shift in consciousness stopped the fires in California and eased the quaking of our lands?  What if?

What is Mary Magdalene had a deeper message?  What if the white people everywhere used their privilege to make a difference?  What if White people chose to turn inward and heal from their own wounding around colonization?  Would we then be on common ground?  Would we return to our humanity and nurture and care for our Earth?

Ps.  I love European folks, I am one!  I want us to heal!  I love our family of color.  I want them to heal/ . I want us together again in community, WHOLE.

Hmmmm  Just a heart venting:)  d5ksic-aacfa9d8-fa76-4a39-ad52-b461ca0dd167