I am a big fan of Yoni steaming.  I LOVE it!  For me it is a deep cleaning and it nourishes my whole body and spirit.  I am not an Herbalist, meaning I am not someone who has studied the Science of Herbs.  I do however use them and commune with their Spirits.  In the future I will definitely engage in formal training.  🙂

Yesterday I was talking to a sister who called for some advise around soothing her vagina after a vaginal steam.  She was in some discomfort and when I asked what herbs she used, she mentioned it was an infusion of many different herbs.  When she told me some of the names I immediately felt her body chemistry to be incongruent with one of the herbs.  This got me thinking.

Would it be wise for women to start off with one herb at a time?  This way women can gage if the herbs are a good match for her body chemistry.  She will also be able to tune in to the spirit of the plant and see if this particular herb will serve as an Ali in her healing journey.  It’s not a one size fits all situation.  Herbs are strong medicine.  The blend is fine for some but may have an adverse affect on another.  When I go to the Korean spa and do a traditional hip bath (yoni steam) they generally use Mugwort.  This is actually one of my favorite medicines.  I journeyed for 4 months with this herb during my healing process.  My ancestors used this herb regularly in old Europe.

When we introduce solid foods or cereals to a baby we proceed gently.  Usually one cereal or fruit at a time to see how the body reacts.  This may be a wise idea while introducing the Yoni to herbs.  I generally invite women to feel into a list of herbs and see what their body is asking for.  Now I am going to introduce one herb at a time and use it for 2 weeks before adding on another.   This way she may receive more information around what medicine spirit she truly needs.

With the Rising of the Divine Feminine there is a big calling to return to indigenous earth based practices.  Yoni steaming is a hot topic at the moment as women reconnect with their womb space, they are exploring ways to connect and heal themselves.  It would be wise to remember that our bodies are sensitive and to proceed gently with our most precious parts.  You also may want to seek out a qualified herbalist to get some more back ground or gather research.

*Also women, please do not EVER steam with a plastic bowl.  Stainless steal is the way to go!

Thanks for reading me!