I offer rituals to help women healSome people ask me why I do the work that I do. Why do you always talk about wombs? Why are you always talking abortion and sex?
🤭 Here is my reflection: 🌹
I offer what was not offered to me. Oh how I wish as a young women I had a wise elder by my side teaching me about my body. I wish I knew that I was special and that to be born in a female body is the highest gift. I wish I knew that giving birth to my son as a teenager wasn’t shameful it was miraculous. I wish I knew my blood was healing and a source of power. I wish I knew that my sexuality was natural and brings pleasure instead of shame and pain. I wish I knew what it felt like to be honored for being brave and making choices for myself. I wish I knew that loving myself was natural instead of feeling the normal was to loathe the self. When I had my abortions I wish I had support and I wish I had someone to guide me. I wish I had someone there to help me tune in and really grieve- I wish I had a loving mama to wrap her arms around me and say this shit is going to be okay. I wish I was celebrated and was offered respect when I was giving birth. I wish I had ceremonies and women and men holding me and witnessing me in the deepening of my experience as a woman.
I wish I knew that big bodies are beautiful too. I wish no matter what I faced there were women who had walked the path before me to love me and hold me in that love instead of violence and judgement. Oh how I wish!!!! The list goes on and on. Who would I be if I had those things? I may not be doing this work now and we need more women in the work. ♥️ I serve women because we need to be served with love, honor and respect. Every woman I serve is nourishes me. It’s not selfless, it’s devotion for all involved. I am committed to being that woman and elder for others. I am committed to holding a container of non judgement so folks feel safe.
It is imperative you know you are not alone and that whatever you do in this life you are worthy of that. This is how we change the world by loving and showing up.

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