When I was a little girl the trees were my biggest Ali. I always liked them but it wasn’t until I was about 7 years old that they swooped in fiercely as a support for me. They always brought great comfort and protection.

🌲As an adult they come to me in dreams to offer counsel and support. When I walk through nature I can feel certain trees calling me. When I approach them I ask for consent just like we do with people. May I hug you? Do you need anything? Will you strengthen me please and pass on your wisdom? My hearts song is usually my offering. Always in the flow with nature giving as well as receiving. Not just taking from her♥. Everything is reciprocal.

🌹One of my mentors, taught me when you smell a flower and take in its essence, make sure you breathe your life force back into the flower. And till this day every flower and tree I commune with I offer my essence back to it. What seems like such a simple teaching is the science of universal law and it is the law of ONE – Balance and Nurture.

🌻I have been blessed with many wise women in my life which have passed so much sage wisdom to me. I embodied and applied the teaching and it becomes my wisdom (Sophia) and I now pass it on to those women who come to mentor and apprentice with me. The knowledge belongs to no one person but has been carried by wisdom keepers and passed onto initiates throughout time. In the feminine wisdom traditions there is no hierarchy but spirals and circles.

🌸 Another teacher expressed this beautifully – We are all in the race and play our part. Each woman runs her leg of the race and passes the baton to the next woman. All are equal and valuable, it matters not who begins and ends. The wisdom cannot die with us, it must be passed on orally or written down for others who will come.

My beauty meets your beauty – My wisdom meets your Wisdom – Reciprocal