At this time in my life the longing for sisterhood continues to grow in me. Having Beautiful Women whom I love all over this globe is the greatest gift and yet I need more. I need to continue to heal sisterhood by being an active participant in fostering nourishing relationships with women.

I am reflecting on Living into commitments with my sisters and showing up to be real and present in my relationships. Not just when its convenient, but as an act of devotion all the freaking time. Choose your council wisely! Women with masks off willing to speak the uncomfortable truths and get to the bones of it all without throwing it all away.

I am reminded of the power of the SUNFLOWER – As I walked through the valley in Southern France and gazed upon the magic of a full field of vibrant flowers this is what I saw:

Armies of Sisters! Woman shoulder to shoulder facing the Sun! This is the way we once were. Soft and bright, blood warm, spines soft and erect rising together to meet the sun.

I hold this vision of women whole – together again! This is my hearts deep longing. I am grateful to be walking with so many women that are longing for that too. Commitment to joy and loving the unlovable as we make our way home to one another.