This year 2019 holds such a deeper thread of Mystery/Mastery Simplicity. There is truly a more embodied lived actualization of Spirit as Form ~ I feel I grasp the concept, We are the ones we have been waiting for. I feel more ready than ever to let myself be nourished and to live in joy.

2018 broke my heart and dragged me through rock and mud and destroyed my dreams and I almost lost faith – The paradox was so rich, My pain so lovingly sat side by side with joy and openings – My tears became laughter, then more tears and my heart will never be the same! Resilience is one of the sacred gifts I have been cultivating this lifetime, I am slowly coming through and gestating new dreams and when its time I know I will be a good Mother to them… And give them fully to the world.


Written January 2nd, 2019IMG_20181208_173249119