Rites Of Passage ~ Mother to be ceremony 
Ceremonial blessing for a Woman BeComing a Mama

It is a holy and beautiful experience bearing witness to women as they grow into new expressions of themselves. When a woman is pregnant she is not only birthing a child but rebirthing herself.

Rites of passage~are practiced to mark the transition from one phase of life to another. It is essentially a death and a rebirth as she is embodying the Divine Mother.

These ancient traditions honor the spiritual nature of life, while deepening our acceptance and understanding and celebrating our humanity. The art of ceremony anchors and supports a woman to psychological prepare to take her place in her new role, supported by her family and community.

Women gathering together brings enormous healing. When I facilitate an initiatory ceremony for a woman it is medicine for the Mama, Me and the Community. Tears flow for the Mother in me who felt completely unsupported in birth and I grieve on behalf of my matriarchal lineage. While simultaneously filling me with excitement and joy that we are finally here now. I use my experience as fuel to my fire, to stay true to the needs of our women, men and children. After thousands of years of patriarchy which forced our feminine rituals underground. This Mother to Be, is changing the entire dynamic of her lineage and the world.

The time returns!!! Here we are again, steeped in wisdom and remembering. Today I hold the red thread as a wisdom carrier of my lineage. I pass on Rites of Passage to empower women to celebrate their holiness. My silent prayer is that they will pass on this very grace to the next generation, friends and communities.

#We are the Ones we have been waiting for.
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Thank you Mama Sarah for bringing me in, I am so honored to have witnessed your beauty  I bow!

Thank you Irma, Cris and Andrea for being part of my remembering.

Photographer, Ina Schnyder