I was just listening to a spirit brother, Michael Teal and I was inspired by something he expressed in his video.  🙂 . The interviewer asked him, do you have certifications? To which he replied, “back then people just were what they were.  You are born with it!” Indigenous medicine people, witches, priestesses, don’t have certifications.  People of Spirit with their gifts in tact are naturally awakened or passed down through the lineage.  Breathe!
He hit the nail on the head – and this is something I struggled with for a while and sometimes, I still forget who I am and when I do, it is a disaster of matrix silliness.  From the very beginning of my (so called awareness of my spiritual path – as though I wasn’t walking it my whole life ). I could give 2 f@cks about a piece of paper, I was so thirsty to feel and BE myself and to commune with my aliveness.  I was clear I wanted to embody God/Goddess, Period!  This was the longing.  It was so much fun to open up the mystical and re-member, as well as greet the family in spirit as the illusion was parting.
Some people just remember and have very powerful conscious experiences and others have a calling and or a curiosity of the unseen realms, and it all opens as it does.  We wake up in our own unique ways based on our karma and esoteric physiology.  In the ancient mystery schools, which were mostly all taught orally (we didn’t offer certifications).  Our crafts were cultivated and used in the community – gifts were shared.  We DEVELOPED and CULTIVATED magic.  This was an experiment!  I don’t know why today that feels different, but it is not!  Its just that so many of us have bodies of esoteric wisdom being born.
Over time traditions changed and the species grew.  Its never been fixed but always evolving or experimenting, as this is what consciousness does.  We did work together as families of initiates/(pre-religion) to witness and support one another.  Remember, back in the day tribes stayed together because their lives depended on it.  Pre-Humanity in Atlantis and MU – we were developing all sorts of technology.  There is always trial and lots of error.  It will never be perfect but hopefully easier.  – We have to keep an eye on this as we play with bodies of certification – as this can open another can of worms.
We dived deep into experimental living – we dived into the unknown.  We studied planets, witchcraft/esoteric mysteries/consciousness/elements/magic occult – whatever you call it.  The unknown simply is just that – the Mystery.  How can one be certified in the unknown?  Contemplate this for a second.  Now have a chuckle out loud and hug yourself if you have fallen into this matrix too.  Also the fall in, of once we study something, we somehow think we are an expert on it.  Hehehe its a doorway to even more unknown!
Now I want to clarify something here – My view on this is this!  You form your own view.  – You either have it or you don’t.  You are born with it and its accessible to you or its not!  Be who you are!  You know you are steeped in magic or You karmically cannot see that you are!  The trainings and certifications are fantastic but don’t ever think that certification give you permission to be who you are.  You cannot receive permission from another human to BE YOU!  or to practice magic. PERIOD!
I have heard people say out loud, well I am a certified crystal keeper, or I am……and not just intuitive.  Some how, pooh poohing those who move through organic channels of God given learning.  To this I want to say I honor your hard work in learning through a teacher (I love teachers, I am one) – but you do realize that you are learning from someone who has intuitively remembered/studied the ancient information and formulated a class for you.  (blind spot). I am not speaking into coaches – they are valuable but they are not shamans, although they have medicine.  (another article on that soon)
This is great, as so many of us are sharing wisdom to make life easier for the planet.  Our ancestors did so much work for this to even be possible.  For example – Jesus and Magdalene passed on teachings to us.  Once you learn something pass it on, so that we all have access to it.  I am so grateful that my Swami and so many of my teachers passed on valuable information to assist me in developing my consciousness.  Also, on the flip side of this – it is SO IMPORTANT to HONOR traditions and teachings that have been passed.  Note your teachers, they have worked so hard to pass on wisdom to you!  God flows in all ways direct and directly through others.  IMG_9051
 My point, all ways of awakening and learning are unique but WE ALL MUST UNDERSTAND – (Magic, soul, creation and healing all mysteries unknown) – cannot be classified like a social work degree.  No matter how much spirituality is expanding in the modern world through Quantum physics- Don’t get it twisted, it is an ancient sacred embodiment and cannot be commercialized even though everyone thinks they are a Priestess and Shaman for $999.00.  NOPE! It is a calling, an art and something you cannot shake – I know I sometimes try!
So in summation – Cut it out!  Use your gifts and show up as you are!   You do not need external permission and when you start to own that, you will have more than your share of clients and opportunities to gift your courage to the world.   (the lesson that keeps on revealing) .  My teacher Sri Kaleshwar says – be a soul scientist.  This is what true mystics are and I am overjoyed to have so many incredible beings who are doing the great work.  Who are birthing knew consciousness, communing with spirit and nature and writing it and or sharing it.
Some people are chefs and architects and others are Mystics or Medicine people.  Be whatever you are, or both.  My point is (watch the consciousness you are operating in.).  I will watch mine too!  Its a sneaky biatch! We all need to re-wire.
Humans like to receive certifications to mark the efforts and or be witnessed in completion.  Avatars, probably not so much.  🙂 I honor our human experience.  Just remember that God/Goddess is the only real authority that lives inside of you.
With that said, training and initiations are wonderful and important and have really supported me in fully integrating major gifts and awakenings.  Journeying with the Fountain of Life,  Mystery School has inspired me and taught me so much.  Being a student of Sri Kaleshwar has brought me full circle deeper into my dharma.  As long as you understand- the paper at the end does not seal you as Whatever you signed up for.  In actuality You are signing up to receive a consciousness and or awaken a gift or have a transformational quantum leap experience.  It either opens you to deepen your own gnosis or its just another paper to fill your emptiness.  Walking the path of Spirit is a personal path – one that is between you and Spirit!
My training began with direct experience with Spirit at my alter in my bedroom.  Then I took a few trainings to open up faster, I was in a rush.   I was sent out to re-member in the world and use my souls deep skill-full magic. I didn’t have any context for what I was learning and that was the point.  Unlearn and remember!  Then I immersed myself in more trainings. Just like so many of us, I went through the phase of – but I don’t have any certifications.  I am shaking my head as I release another layer of this BS today.  Creator doesn’t ask permission but creates.  It so on!