I am a woman!  My body is strong, round & sweet.  I am coming out of the closet with all my imperfections to settle up with Goddess and level up with self.  I have secretly loathed my body since I can remember and I am over that sh@t.  I am loving up on her now.  We are in the midst of finding our way back to one another.  This journey is deep and It runs through generations of women who have hated their bodies.  My body is juicy & alive and is brimming with love.  She is thick and has lots of extras all around.  She is curvy, scarred and marked.  She is made in the image of my foremothers and I am trying to find my way back to accepting the fullness of her.  I look around and see a world telling me I am never enough, and that I am too much all at once.  Which is it bitches?   DSC_1279 Recently I realized that my saggy breasts, round tiger stripped stretched out mother belly and jelly like thick wide hips & thighs look just like the ancient Mothers which I deeply revere.  Blind spot?   I bow to them and see their resplendent beauty and yet I have not honored my own beauty.  Mirror Mirror on the wall, THIS is the great fall!!

After this deep epiphany, a doorway revealed and it was filled with love & tears.  I felt all the ways I denied myself kindness and how I whipped myself for not being beautiful.   My feelings towards my body were projections of a violent world that is blind to beauty and  I am no longer choosing to participate.  The photos of Venus have changed over time and it appears she has been put on a diet.  This world will take everything from you, if you allow it.  I would like the inner patriarch to be taken away too, but it appears I have to meet with that guy daily.  I have to remind him that I am beautiful.  Sometimes it takes convincing, but love is much more persistent.  Luckily the Mothers have my back!

Recently as an act of self love I did a naked photo shoot.  My soul sister/talented photographer Gosia Sachryn was the witness to my nakedness.  The session was so tender, and well incredibly NAKED!  I was deeply seen and it felt so loving to allow someone in, to really see me.  I was soft like honey & wild like fire.  I  met so many aspects of myself that day and the photos captured them all.  It was my maiden that really wanted my attention most and there was some deep healing between her and the Mother within me.  At one point Gosia asked me, “tell me what it feels like to be a Mother”.  With my hands on my belly and with full acceptance, I  began to cry.    Something so loving happened inside my soul that day and it is still unfurling.  I was the Magdalene & the Mother all in one and I was beautiful!   belly This is my sweet belly!  It is also my son’s first home.  I was 17 years old when we shared a soul for 8 months and he was a resident here.  The sun rarely kisses this belly as she has been covered in a pile of shame for far too long.  I am cleaning house!  I am feeling like the world needs more woman revealing their true beauty and I am a lady who likes to show up!  This body is precious and so is the woman who dwells in it.  I continue to be in awe of love and how it finds its way through cracks and corners when we aren’t looking. It is time to let go of the stories that have been handed down to us and write new ones.  No more hiding!   In my story I am lovable, brave & wild.   I affirm,  I AM SHE!  THE CREATOR OF LIFE, MADE IN THE IMAGE OF MY MOTHER!

In gratitude,  ❤

All bodies are unique and beautiful.  I am invoking a campaign of liberation.  Free the belly!  ❤  More on this soon!