I find myself in a massive rooting of cosmic power.  The process is sometimes harsh. As the container anchors down and  solidifies, there is a re-memberance of deep rooted fear of even more ant-life energy and it must be uncloaked.  Navigating with tenderness and bold action takes a trusty hand especially as it is so visceral in my body.  The mechanisms have devolved but they are still crafty and the interference really asks me to step up my level of discernment and use my tools to trust that I am supported and safe.


It started with a deep inquiry as to why my work is still not as full as I would like for it to be.  Within moments I was met by the violence of an energy as it covered my throat and chest and came up through my spine.  I got my answer!  And another opportunity to get off my knees and BE WHO I AM!  How easily we forget when the illusion taps into the mouth of the wound.  So I know as difficult as this is we are ready to take this to the next level.  I choose life Bitches!  🙂  I wanted to get feeble and take more time to grieve the losses and that is but another part of the loop.  It seeks to immobilize! It is relentless but it cannot stand in the face of truth.  So I showed up this time, I didn’t go into the weepy song and dance or the battlefield.  I held my heart, packed my things and traveled 3 hours to facilitate my women circle.  And it rocked my world and my heart is full!

It got me to thinking about a few years ago when I went to convene with the Black Mother of Montserrat, Spain.  I had been there before but this time was different.  As I went to kneel before the Mother, She said in a deep voice  “GET OFF YOUR KNEES”  my whole body shook and I let out a loud cry.  I got off my knees and stood before her and poured my heart out.

I choose to stand as a Queen, and take my place in my lineage.  Its time ❤