This morning with presence, grace aloud me to soften into my feelings which were longing to be seen

In my body I felt my needs not being met, so I met them

Today I gave myself  LOVE

Today I let go of my sadness of not being loved and I loved myself

Today I held myself and spoke the words I was longing to hear

I love you, You are loved, You have done the best you could, You are safe, I am here, You are not alone…

I knew what I needed and I gave this love to myself

Images came and went and I opened and constricted and I opened again

I felt a myriad of emotions, fear and love, sadness and loneliness, tenderness & beauty

I listened softly to what I needed to hear and I spoke the words that brought me closer, deeper… into me

I held my own body, kissed my own flesh and rocked myself

In my minds eye, I placed myself in a hot bath and washed my own back with oils and flowers, I let the tears become one with the waters

I cried because I was releasing sadness and because I was overjoyed to receive my own love

Then I saw myself kissing my own belly, hands on stretch marks, I whispered again, You have done the best you could..And my heart pounded and my body thanked me

Then the sun poured through my window and I opened to its warmth 

I was satiated in the radiance of love like never before – Threshold crossed

I made a sacred promise to myself, to let go again, of all the past hurts and to forgive… forgive myself…

Today I am a woman nourished by my own love, because I cared enough to listen and gave myself what I longed for.  Today I understood, Thank you Mother Divine