You have disturbed my feminine spirit

And have isolated me from my nature

You have discarded my true beauty and sold me to the lowest bidder

You have strangled my ideas and tortured my soul

You have smothered my voice and broken my bones

You have raped my daughters, pillaged my land and killed me over and over and over again.. …

Yet through all of your violence and malicious ways – LOVE STILL REMAINS

For my virtue unstained and my Power still here.

And even though You have destroyed my ways and brought me great fear- I AM STILL HERE

My flame cannot be extinguished, My waters flood the shores, I am the Holy Whore…Reincarnate once more

For my death is iridescent and my essence natures name, I whisper life through winds of time and create it all again.

You can no longer have my daughters nor my precious sons, The great war is no more, Patriarchy is done!

A new time is upon us, a mending of the ways ..the Great Mother is spinning and preparing many graves.

For all must be laid to rest now, great death has come to pass, and with it bring the seeds to sing a whole new sacred path.

DSC_1308You have disturbed my feminine spirit but that is all you have done. And now its time to heal the line and step into the sun. DONE!