Warrior Lover,

 Its time now my dear

Be brave my love, in the face of this fear

Reveal to me your wounded heart

Open to my tenderness and fall apart

Give into the pain and hear its cry

Your not alone I walk by your side

Allow this love to penetrate you to wake

Your soul is now ready, Rise in faith

Walls melting away, flesh and bone bare

Naked in the dark, trembling with fear

Dropping the shield, removing the armor

Screaming to be touched, counting the hours

Memories of love innocent and free

Erotic passion and sensuality

Once we were One, You and Me

Torn apart by this sickness of patriarchy

 Bloody and raw Warrior Lover

What once was a war zone you come to discover is a garden of life calling you back,

to give your love freely even under attack

To give love fully as an honoring of life

in the face of your pain, I hold you in light

Warrior Lover it’s been a long road

Battered and lonely I want to explode

My body is tattered my back filled with pain

I long for the way you once spoke my name

 It’s been long enough, its time to come home

I am sorry I pushed you away but now I know

 Sacred Masculine, I summon you to awaken now

Sacred Feminine Stand and show him how

Its time to decide what path will we choose

With love and patience we cannot lose

Come back to me Beloved, Remember your truth, I need you now, hear me calling you…


Together as male and female we merge as one healing the collective wasteland.

 I am the warrior lover – She is me- He is her- They are One – Mirrors of the soul..

 Thank you Spirit for this Awareness