Everything is in Divine Order

Whatever the circumstance in your world, know there is an order to its perceived confusion or chaos.  We are learning, evolving and integrating faster than ever and it is a tremendous undertaking. Many of us are being confronted with health concerns & other challenging situations that are shaking us to the core.  It is not always easy to understand with our minds but each situation creates an opportunity for deep healing.  Sometimes we become overwhelmed and lose our footing but that doesn’t mean that we have lost our way.

Being vulnerable and revealing yourself to others is an enormous strength. If you ask for help, people will show up.  Spirit will always deliver by sending in the right healers or teachers to meet you where you are. When we are nourished, held and supported we can navigate the rivers of life with greater ease and joy.  It is truly in our choosing.  We never have to walk the path alone. It would be my honor to walk with you.  Together we are stronger.   
Special Offer $120 per session through December 2015

Distance healing sessions are now discounted to $120 through the holiday season. I work with many clients at a distance and the work is incredibly powerful.  In person sessions will continue at their regular rate of $135 but are less frequent at this time.  This can be arranged in Westchester, NYC & Brooklyn.  Please inquire if you have any questions.  Session can be purchased in advance and used at a later date.  I am also offering gift certificates if you wish to extend a session to a loved one for the holiday.

In Sacred space any of the following can be addressed: 

womb awakening~healing, infertility, removal of distortion & emotional blocks, addictions, deep wound release, past Life clearing, soul retrievals, clearing of ancestral ties & karma, contract release, entity removal, purification & re-connection, heart attunements, release of trauma through physical or emotional abuse, inner child healing, More.

I look forward to connecting with you. Please feel free to email me with any questions.  xo  Please join my mailing list!

Warm wishes,
Jacqueline Rolandelli